Benjamin F. Bodley Jr.

Benjamin Franklin Bodley Jr., is a native of Mobile, Alabama. He moved to New York and attended the Long Beach School District. He started his culinary career as a student of Nassau BOCES; and has been cooking ever since. He was mentored by Executive Chef Andrew Townsend at Middlebay Country Club; he worked for Middlebay Country Club in Oceanside for over 29yrs as their Executive Sous Chef, until Hurricane Sandy.

Benjamin along with his Wife Renee formed Renee’s International Caterers in 1994. He’s a father of six children & grandfather of four. He resides in Freeport, N.Y and is an active member of the community.

Benjamin has a special talent for creating specialty dishes. His cooking skills and past experience of making exotic foods and fancy cuisine has made him a master chef. His dream of opening his own restuarant came true when the doors to BennyB’s were opened on January 12, 2013.

Ben welcomes you to BennyB’s and offers the new American food fusion restaurant to Baldwin N.Y. He specializes in Barbeque but offers so much more! There has to be love in cooking and Ben’s food shows that. He offers daily specials along with monthly food themes. So if you want fresh food, good flavor, and something new and exciting; BennyB’s is here for you!